Everything which serves to establish or endanger the result takes place ] in-between [, i.e. between

• person and function
• strategy and EBIT 

• the company and its customers

• the organisation and its environment/s

• management and staff 

• PD/OD measures and performance

• inside and outside

• Human and organization.

In my consultation fields Personnel & Organisational Development (PD/OD)Strategy & Objectives Development  and Innovation & Sustainability I  work together with my clients to compile new perspectives, individual and sustainable concepts, which link the one with the other via the ] in-between [. 
In the  pragmatic designing of the means of implementation I pay particular attention to achieving a good fit with the company's working reality. The extensive experience I have gained as a manager in an international plant construction company serves me well when working closely with these organisations.

In one-to-one coaching, while my clients and I discuss their particular issues and questions, we tend to find ourselves somewhere between their private and their business lives.

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Juergen Bonath